††††† The Backwoods Bulldog Club is the most comprehensive canine registry available.† We have easy to fill out registration forms for your convenience.† We also provide a photo of your pet on the registration certificate.† The Club has been holding shows since 1995 and started registering dogs in 2002 with the information from those pedigrees.† Our paperwork is the most accurate available!

††† Our goal is to protect the breeders lineage!† We check signatures and photos to ensure your information is not abused by your customers or others.

††† Why use the Backwoods Bulldog Club (BBC) as your registry?

†Letís say you have a litter of ten pups and two of them are pets not to be bred, but too young to spay or neuter. You want them gone before they are too old to get rid of, but donít trust the buyers to abide by their contract.† We have a section for the breeder to check which states this dog is a pet and not to be bred.† This decision can only be reversed by the breederís discretion.† A signed letter by the breeder must be provided and a new certificate will be issued.


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